Dear Diary ,
Today, on Friday, after a long and tiring school day, I went home.
On the train, it was the atmosphere of the approaching weekend, because people were more sleeping than communicating with each other.
From the next station, a gypsy who had an accordion in his arms was climbing into the train and sneaking into the silent crowd of tired people. At a moment at the end of the wagon, he begins to sing, and the world wakes up, and although he wakes them up from sleep, he gives him money, only for the purpose of ....... leaving and getting rid of him.
At that time, I realized how my parents ......... worked for a month and how hard they did not miss anything, and some just begged to make more money a day than an employee, but nevertheless they did not strive in the proper growth of their children, on the contrary, ...... spoils their future by teaching them to do the same things that they do, and they do it.

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