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Describe the ugliest appartament youíve ever seen

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A room as big as a barn, not so big... a horrible room which is called an apartment. Judging by its looks, i wouldn't call it that!
One day, not long ago, i passed by a block of flats and the only things that attracted my attention were some broken windows, a small balcony, full of doves. It was like a horror movie, like a haunted house. While i was looking at it an old lady came to me and said: "Do you want to buy it? The owner died 7 years ago and because she didn't have any heirs she left it to me. Come and look at it!"
Of course i didn't want to buy it, but i was curious. When i entered i saw a disastrous place: full of spider webs, a lonely piano and a little table in the center of the house and on that table ........ was a dirty sheet of paper on which was written "you don't want to live here".

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I do not know how someone is thinking of selling an apartment like that, it terrifies me.



Itís terrible, i know, but possible...


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Describe the ugliest appartament youíve ever seen