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Describe your experience shopping in E-Gros

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My first experience at E-Gros. Its a shop where you can find things from pans to dresses, from appliances to shoes, from detergent to bicycles. You can find everything you want, some things that are good, but some no that good. Some products are cheap, sone expensive. Some sellers are really nice, some are really contentious.
The first time i went to egros i got lost. I saw the same shop for 100 times, i walked in circles in the same place and didn't see a lot of things. I barely found the exit and it wasn't me who found, a lady sho...ed me the way when she saw me confused
After that i went there with a friend and we managed to find more shops and we didn't get lost and arrived at the conclusion that ........ is not a bad shop, but it is a little untidy. It ......... not arranged in categories, here is a clothes shop and near it there's a edibles shop and near that you can find a bicycles shop and then a clothes one again and so on.

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I understand you perfectly, I think that it should be more organized according to the type of shop.



Yes, I think it's the only defect!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Describe your experience shopping in E-Gros