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Describe your experience watching a film of Iulius Mall

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The Iulius Mall is the second mall that was made in Romania, his inauguration being in 2000, 3 years before my birth. I remeber vert well that in 2010, when i was at the end of the first grade, I went with my class at a movie. It is a great memory and I had so much fun. We were at an animated movie, and that big screen made me think it was bigger like a house because with the children eye you see the things bigger than they are. At that age I thought it was the best experience of my life to get a big bag of popcorn and a big soda bottle, to put myself in that comfortable chair, in wich I had to stay a little bit up to see the movie. After a week I was with my parents and it was amazing, but the first impression of that big screen was the best feeling, it was amazing because always the first impression is stronger and the memory sticks upon your memory.



I remember perfectly when I went to the cinema for the first time, I put a pillow under me because there was a bigger boy in front of me and I could not see the screen, and the second time I wanted to stay in the first row because I thought that I will see better, but my head hurt and I could not watch the movie.



Wow, I think it's very nice to remember everything through a child's eyes. Children see things much more amazing than they are in reality, and that's a great thing. I also remember how I saw some things when I was a child. Now, sometimes I'm sorry that I can not see things like that then.  :'(



Going to the cinema as a child is awesome. While reading your composition I remember how much fun I had when I first went to a 3D movie there. I remember being so impressed, just like you. Anything can become exciting through a child's eyes.



Wow, you brought up such an old memory of mine... The first time I saw a movie in a theater was when my parents won 2 tickets in some kind of contest (??), because I couldn't afford going otherwise. It was movie I was too little for, but they let me in because dad said there's no one to take care of me, even though my mom was close.  :))
Anyway, I went in there and didn't understand much of it, but there was some scene with giant crabs or sth like that and I remember suddenly saying 'dad, didn't we see this already?'.
We had already watched it at home, pirated. :)



You have a great memory at the cinema of Iulius mall! It s grateful to remember something that hapenned in your child. Still, I think at my first experience at the cinema ,but I can't remember what ,exactly,I  felt or what hapenned during the film . 
In addiction, I didn't know the inauguration of this mall was in 2000 ,so you help me to find out something new.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Describe your experience watching a film of Iulius Mall