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Dear diary- guilt

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A few years ago was a girl, Ana, who lives in the same block of flats with me just as a one-storey floor above mine. Whenever I saw her go out to play, I was tired of it because she could not do the same thing as we did. Honestly to be, I never asked her why she did not manage or show her how to do, but I just prefer to laugh at her.
One day, when I was out at play, I saw the ambulance coming in front of our block. We've all stopped our game and we're watching to see what's going on. When the ambulance officers descended the stretcher, I saw that the person they went to the hospital was Ana. Suddenly a sadness caught me seeing her in that state. I went to the house and told my mother what I was seeing. My mother told me that Ana suffers from asthma and that sometimes it happens to crises and because of the disease it can not play like any normal child. Suddenly, it has a sense of guilt. How did I laugh at her, why did not I turn to her and asked why she was facing some clumsy things. I apologize, and I mean, since then she is our best friend.



I feel bad for Ana and hope everything is alright! What I donít understand it is the grammar because there were a few words that werenít in the right place. Itís just my opinion! But I get it,you feel bad for laughing and maybe you will know what not to do for the next time!



I'm sorry for Ana, is it okay now? In my opinion, it is not good for the children to laugh at each other, because after a cheerful child there may be a cruel disease that grinds his life, and because of this disease is not treated as a normal child. I do not really feel the end, because after you laughed at her and found out she was sick you became your best friend.



Indeed, when we are young, we do not realize things, then when we grow  we regret for ignoring and  bullyingh her, maybe it's natural not to understand some things when you're young? I do not know!The good part is that you changed your mind ...



I think such things happen. You can't guess what happens to a persin if she doesn't  tell you. You were little and you didn't  think you were doing anything wrong. I'm glad you finally became friends.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Dear diary- guilt