Palas Mall is one of the biggest shopping centers in Iasi and being placed  in the center of the city makes it the right place to spend your free time.
Inside, Palas Mall contains hundreds of stores where you can find clothes, accessories, books, furniture and food at prices for all pockets. Furthemore, there is a food court where you can find different types of food: Romanian food can be found as well as international food like Chinese, Indian,  Greek, Italian and Turkish. Moreover, you can find a lot of  restaurants and cafes where you can spend some time together with your friends or family.
Outside the mall there are some shops with delicious ice cream, cotton candy and even popcorn.  For children there is a carousel, trampolines and inside the mall is a special playground for little ones.  Also, in winter an ice rink is assembled which is great for people off all ages. The mall has a big parking lot and if you donít have a car, there are a few bus stops that leave you near the shopping center .
All in all, Palas Mall is definitely a building that attracts the attention of both tourists and citizens. I recommend it because itís a great place to spend your time and can offer you a pleasant shopping experience.

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