Dear diary,

                 Today I went to school and I realised that I have a test at 8 AM.I missed the bus so I had to wait for the next one.There were 2 minutes left and I had one kilometer to go.I started to run and I arrived at school in time because the teacher was late.I felt that I am going to pass out and to make me feel even worse,my teacher said that we are going to take the test next class.
                  After that ,I had biology and we took a test about the cell and I hope that I will take an A. After that I had 3 hours but I don t remember what I did. I know that my last hour was english and we talked about holidays and trips.Right now I want to go to Costa Rica and never come back.
                  At 2 PM I went home and slept for 2 hours straight because I was soooo tired.And then I woke up and walked my neighbour's dog because he pays me to do that and I love dogs.
                  I went to sleep at 2 AM but I couldn’t close my eyes. So I started this book,called “The book thief” and I love it!! It’s about jewish and Hitler! I stayed up all night to finish that book. I love those kind of books because they are intersting and I learn about other countries history!
                 The next day I woke up and I went to school and when I arrived they told me that school is canceled today! I was pissed but happy that I can go back home!!!❤❤❤

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