Palas Mall is the biggest commercial center in the city, with over one hundred and ninety stores and services to choose from and a very big range of prices. The big variety of stores makes it very easy to find your style, or any style you want, when you want to spend all your money on a shopping day (like i always do).
I love wondering through the stores and looking for clothes , trying on and buying everything I like, as Palas Mall is the place that started my love for fashion.
I usually have a great time every time I visit Palas Mall, even thought I consider it to be a little overrated, being one of the most visited places in the city.
What i really like about it is the garden, where you can enjoy many restaurants and cafes, or take your children who will definitely appreciate the carousel and the trampoline (which you can also try yourself if you weight under 100 kilograms). The garden also has many beautiful sights and plants, not to mention the spectacular Palace of Culture.
In the end, I do consider visiting Palas Mall to be a pleasant experience, being a place where you can shop and spend some nice and relaxing time with your friends and family.

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