What's pride? Pride is a sense of confidence in your own qualities that createS a feeling of contentment and joy. However, pride can also be a negative thing when a person who prides himself is narcissistic and too proud.
Although pride is not always a bad thing, because sometimes it makes you happy, religion sees pride as a very bad thing. In fact, religion sees pride as a sin, as a capital sin.
However, my opinion is that you can be proud of yourself when you did a good thing. That, indeed, without you being too narcissistic. Other people can be proud of you when you did the right thing. You can be proud of another person who did a good thing. Your pet can be proud of you because you are the best owner in the world. Or you can be proud of your pet for its loveliness.
The conclusion is that pride can appear in many forms. Praise can also be a very good thing. Of course, this can be a very bad thing too. But tonight I have a strange optimism, so I do not want to talk about bad things.  :D  :dontknow:

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