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Guilt or shame

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Guilt or shame? I think you can not have just one of these. Because when you are guilty of one thing, you have to be ashamed.
I know a case like this in my old high school. There was a 7th grade boy who beat the little boys to take their food. Very often, this boy's victims ended up hurt. The parents of those children came to school to talk to the boy, but he did not care. He WAS warned many times. He had many DEMERITS. But that boy had no shame. He did not feel guilty and did not care about what adults said. The boy's problem was not that he had no food or that he was hungry. He has never had such problems. But he liked to beat the younger children. One day, this boy was expelled from high school due to DEMERITS. Then he realized he was doing bad things. Still, he still does not consider himself guilty because he was expelled and he was not ashamed of the situation.
This was just a short story, but the point is that we have to understand that we need to be aware of our guilt in some negative situations and be ashamed of the bad things we have done.

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I think his behavior is related to the way he was living, most likely he was affected by some events in childhood, which caused him to behave badly with other people. I once had a classmate who was not afraid of anything, in a while his parents started to beat him, but that did not change his attitude towards the others: friends and family. These aspects happen because of education the kids get from their parents, in order to meet society.  :stupor:



I can't agree with you. You can feel guilt without shame. I think that it deepens of the situation.



Absolute! I like the idea and the situation you put it in value. In any similar situation, I think there must be both necessary components. It is not important that you make mistakes, it is important to correct them. Whoever is wrong in life, for mistakes are human. If these mistakes are not corrected, I think you did not get the seven years home.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Guilt or shame