Well, being a student at CNME is not at all like I expected, but it is not necessarily a bad thing. Ever since I was in the 1st grade up until the 8th grade I was at a small school and my teachers all said that life at the CNME was not easy. They said that the teachers would be very strict and they would not be as understanding as they were. But when I got into the 9th grade at CNME, most of the teachers proved to be otherwise. They are involved in many activities with the students and they try their hardest to make the school feel like a second home.  They teach their classes with the studentsí best interest in mind and they try to make the student understand the subject, rather than teaching a lesson for the sole purpose of giving the kids a hard time and making them feel  afraid that they will get a bad grade. 
Each student in each class brings something new. The kids in my school have very different abilities and each of them has their own hobby and passion.  Some of them are great with arts, some are gifted in the sports department,  there are also kids that bring fame to our college by competing in various competitions such as maths, Romanian, French, physics, English, biology and chemistry.
CNME is a well known National College and thanks to that our school gets involved in many projects which help the students gather recommendations for their C.Vís. These recommendations help the students to enroll in International Universities and their chances of being accepted into one of them is greatly increased.
I love my school because I feel like everyone has their own place here from the janitor to the many students and the different teachers.

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