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Review Palas

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Palas Mall Iasi opened on the 31st of May 2012. It is an urbanistic ensemble located in the center of Iasi nearby The Palace of Culture.  The ensemble  includes a mall with 170, a commercial street with 25 salesmen,  reacreational spaces, water mirrors, ice skating area where you can go skating for 3 months every year, an amphitheater in the open air, art exhibitions spaces, collective living spaces, office buildings, hotels, turism agencies, underground parking spots with over 2500 spots,  rollerblades and skateboarding tracks, summer theater with 1500 seats and green terraces. The Auchan Supermarket and the many cafés and restaurants are other places where you can spend your free time admiring everything which surrounds you. Iasi has set a new world record on the 2nd of june 2012 when 12740 paper lanterns were launched in the air. The record was written in the Guinnes Book, beating the previous one which was set in India, with over 900 paper lanterns. In the first weekend after Palas opened a fascinating exhibition of vintage cars was organized.
Palas is the most visited place in Iasi as people from all over the country and even from outside the country come with the intentions of going shopping at the various stores. Big brands have opened their stores to the public in Palas Mall. Some of them include Guess, Leviís, Massimo Dutti, Nike, Sephora.  And if you donít come here with the intention of spending a large amount of money you can also wander through the green gardens, sit on the grass, rest besides the cool  fountains or buy an ice cream from the many little shops which are found scattered all around Palas.



It's very true what you have written in this text, but, in my opinion, it would have been better if you made it more personal, to actually show your own point of view.  I find it a little bit too technical for a review, including all the general data you mentioned.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Review Palas