Three months ago, I was at Cinema City at Iulius Mall to watch the movie "The darkest hour". I FOUND ABOUT IT ON the internet and because I like history, I decided to watch it. The main actor in this movie is Gary Oldman, who I'D seen in another movie. So, in the evening of the premiere, I and my dad went to the cinema.
   After we RESERVED THE places online, which were in the middle of the room, the trailers were broadcast on other new movies. Some seemed interesting, and others were second hand. After a few minutes from the preset time, the movie began. It began with the presentation of the state of England in the Second World War.
   The country was in the middle of the election of a new prime minister. And the one chosen was Winston Churchill, WHO the director PREEENTED a bit more confused, with a slight SENSE OF humor. The film presents his struggle against German pressures and traitors in England. Finally, Churchill, having THE King's support, manages to defend England but also to save the English fleet FROM France conquered by Adolf Hitler ... Churchill's final speech shows a supreme patriotism model that can be an example for all.
   I was impressed by the film and I'm sure it deserves the Oscar Award it received ...

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