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Living in a village nearby Iasi

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Iíve never lived in a village nearby iasi, but I have friends that live outside the city. They say that itís hard for the to live outside Iasi for more reasons. One of them being the time they lose when they have to come to school everyday. A friend of mine has to take the train everyday from Scanteia and depending on the weather and the train schedule she is late to school most of the days. In the winter when the railways are frozen she canít make it to school for days and weeks. So living far from the city is a rather big disadvantage.
Most of the kids that come from villages are expected to be hard working and also have good grades.  Some of them get scolarships for their academic efforts, which makes them more motivated but some of them still have to work around the house and sometimes even get a job. But in some cases itís much more different because a lot of students that come from a rural area abandon school before finishing it, even if they have good grades and do well in school.
Coming from a rural area cand also mean that kids get picked on. They can be bullied by other kids that donít come from a village, which makes the situation harder for them. But coming from a rural area isnít necessarily a bad thing like some people think. They think that if you donít live in the city you are poor or uneducated. But sometimes it is not the case. And even if kids come from poor families it is not a reason to make fun of them.



I appreciate people who live in a village nearby Iasi because they make a great effort to arrive in time at school.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Living in a village nearby Iasi