The Sfanta Ana lake is the only volcanic lake in Romania. It is located in the Ciomatu Mountains in Harghita county, close to the Tusnad station. It is placed on the bottom of an inactive volcano named Ciomatu Mare. It is at an altitude of 946 meters and it is 620 meters long and 460 meters wide.
There are many myths about this lake but this is only one of them:
A young couple was supposed to get married a long time ago. Their parents set the wedding up but the two of them were not right for eachother. The girl did not like the groom at all because he was rude and dumb and he did not care for her either. On the night of the wedding the bride ran away and killed herself by jumping into this lake. Ever since then the lake is named the Sfanta Ana lake and every year the Romanian patriarchy is holding religious rituals to honour the girl that died there.
Me and my family went to the Sfanta Ana lake in 2016 and when we reached down into the crater after climbing the mountain with in the car we set up a picnic and me and my sister went into the water for a swim. After we spent the day swimming we returned on the shore. We sat down to eat and after a while a bear cub came up to us. We called my mom and my aunt as we did not know what to do. We tried to play with and we fed it a sandwich. It wasnít long before his mother showed up and we started panicking. We packed our things and we ran to the car as fast as we could. The bear was following us, but we werenít alone.  There were more groups of people and they helped us by making noise and they scared the bears off.
Even though this story could have ended badly, we are all remembering and telling it like an adventure because you donít get to go through a situation like this everyday.