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Review of Palas Mall

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Palas Mall is an urban complex located in the central area of Iasi, close to the Palace of Culture, considered the largest mall in Eastern and Western Europe.
This building, becoming a representative element of the area, is a place where many people spend their free time, so we can delineate both the positive and the negative aspects of this complex.
On the one hand, there are many advantages  to highlight the major importance of Palas Mall. Firstly, there are many shops with as many clothes types where every person can find what they like, having the choice of varieties of products from brand clothes to cosmetics and technology. Secondly, there is a food court where people can rest and eat what they wish and the place also  has very good restaurants with excellent cookies. In addition, here you can find a big bookstore named Carturesti  where you can buy books of all kinds and a very beautiful landscaped park on a large area where you can relax.
On the other hand, there are disadvantages. The main important disadvantage is that many families go out with their kids to eat fast food, thus developing an unhealthy habit. Another disadvantage is that despite the fact that people can find what they want easily, they start spending more time shopping and stop walking with the family enjoying the nature and the surroundings of the city, all this because all the shops are under the same roof. Furthermore, some products are really expensive compared to other stores that have the same products.
All things considered, Palas Mall is an urban complex, very nicely organized,where you can enjoy beautiful moments with your loved ones.

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I like very much your description! You are an organised person and I agree with! The things in palas are expensive than other shops, but that's it! We must go on!



I think Palas itís a very good place to socialize with your family or your friends! Yes in some places there are veeeery expensive things,for example in Sephora just a mascara is 100 lei!! I really like the description!!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Review of Palas Mall