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Shopping to e-gros

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It was a summer day and the sky was clear. Since it was a Saturday morning, we were together with my family at the E-gros wholesale to shop for the Black sea trip. The hipermarket parking was full, but, in THE END we found it. UnfortunATELy, THE ENTIRE PARKING LOT it was in the sunshine , so the car board WAS GONNA GET warm. But that's it...
    There was a lot of noise and crowding in the store. We stopped at several stalls, and bought things for the beach but we bought many other things other than the things for the beach. Shopping in general. All sellers wanted ... to buy from them. Like in a fair...
     That's how the adventure to E-gros WAS over: tiring and stressful. ( THEY  could expand the store or the shopping places to avoid crowding). But we're inline with situation...

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hey!! interesting story, but what as the subject? i feel like you misunderstood the subject the teacher gave you... but as a writing, it didn't have everything you should have put. like a plot-twist, or something to actually happen... at least we could understood that you were all well prepared for going to the beach!



I can't understand much from your story and it's different from the title that you gave it. You should write more about what you have done in the store and put some action in the story to make it interesting.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Practical stuff » Shopping to e-gros