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a crime

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it was a summer day, with my girlfriend walking in the park, when suddenly a car hit a wall, a click would be heard, followed by a cloud of smoke. Feared by what happened, I went to the car to see if the driver was okay, but he was injured. I called the ambulance and with my girlfriend I tried to get the driver out of the car. When the ambulance arrived she lowered an assistant who pulled her pulse, then two doctors arrived who put him on the stretcher and took him to the ambulance.
The doctors thanked us for helping them get out of the car and gave us a candy. For me it was a different experience because I have never witnessed such an accident. I do not recommend anyone like this !!

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I have never witnessed such a thing, but I have to say it does seem like a very unique experience (i do not know if in a good or bad way), and I also think that it was very brave of you to help, especially since most people would have paniked



I watched such situation only in movies, but we all know that it could also happen in real life. Hope that man is doing well and I'm proud of you that you helped him and didn't get bewildered. It would be better if people drived carefully on the roads.



I think you are one of the few who would have done this because I know a lot of people who would not do that for an amount of money, those people being arrogant or very fearful. In conclusion congratulations and still be so.

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You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » a crime