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Experience watching the film at Iulius Mall

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It was a beautiful winter day. Me and my friends decided to go to watch a film at the cinema. We voted for a horror one, "Insidious 4". I was sitting between Delia and Birly. I am not the kind of person who is scared at horror films. Before, Delia talked through one's hat that she will be ok, that nothing can scare her. It started with that pathetic "scarry" music. After ten minutes Delia was holding her knees at her chest and her hands were at her eyes. Birlyboy was trying to scare everybody by catching their legs. Behind me was sitting Bogdan, who hitted my chair with his legs the whole time. Then, he tried to scare me by touching my shoulders and blowing in my ear. I wasn't scared, contrariwise I was amused by his unsuccesful attemps. The jump scares were the worst ones because Delia sheded the popcorn and the soda everywhere. We were the most noisy group in the room. Everybody was concentrated at the action, but we were looking and laughing at Delia. That was the first time that I went to the cinema with them, my new friends, and even if I was pretty bored by the film, I had a lot of fun with them.



Wonderful film! I saw too that movie but on the internet  :playful:
It's very scary and awesome in the same time, because of the action, the story and the characters. I hope to see it again... :)
Maybe you should describe more the movie for others who don't see the movie yet...

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It is a very scary movie in my opinion, but i loved it anyway. You should have payed more attention to the movie.



It's really fun to have this kind of friends who do silly things like yours did.   :rofl:
About the movie experience I could say that even I find it a little bit boring, especially because I am a horror movie lover and even I wasn't so captivated by the action of it.
Maybe you'll try a new movie sometime with the same friends and enjoy both of them. :)



 I'm not a fan of horror movies,but your experience seemed exciting to me. I was always terrified by the idea of watching a horror movie, but now I think that doing this with some friends could make the experience very funny and unforgettable.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » Experience watching the film at Iulius Mall