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Review of Palas Mall

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Palas Mall was inaugurated in 2012 and it's the biggest commercial center in Iasi. It has more than 150 stores so you can find almost anything you like. It provides us with a wide range of prices. The interior spaces of the mall are well lit and there are many green plants there to help keep the air clean. It is filled with the buzz of people talking and the hustle and bustle of many shoppers. There is music playing in the common area and in each store it seems like they are playing their own music suited to their customers. The interior is laid out in such a way that makes it easy to browse the many store front windows so you can decide if you are interested in their products.
Outside of the Mall there are many restaurants and cafes, with a great variety of foods from which to choose. You can find anything that your taste desires. The mall is situated on a huge expanse of land with thousands of parking spaces for cars. There seems to be as much or more asphalt parking space as space inside the mall itself. Outside in the parking area it can get very hot with the sun shining on the asphalt. But inside it is much cooler and more comfortable. At night the mall parking lot is lit with hundreds of lights that, from a distance, seem to glitter like stars. And the whole building is lit up from the outside like it's glowing. I can only imagine how much electricity is used here. But it is pretty at night on the outside.
All in all, Palas Mall offers a great shopping experience. It is a clean and inviting place to do your shopping and has a great variety.

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Yes, you're so right. I like your essay because it can be used for teaching a foreigner who visits Iasi. There's nothing much to say about your writing, maybe because you added no soul in writing it, it's just a homework you left behind. What if we got more dedicated into everything we did in our lives? I think we'd have been in a better place now, but what can I say, just do your own part and you'll see how the world will change as well :)


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Practical stuff » Review of Palas Mall