During my holiday, I and my schoolmates were on trip. I have been through many cities, but most of all I liked in Oradea.
We and teacher walked and visited the most important places in the city center. After an hour, he let us visit the rest of the city alone. All my schoolmates wanted to ride a bicycle. I didn't know how to ride a bicycle, but in half an hour I learned.
We saw a lot of Landmark like: the "Vulturul Negru" hotel, the Oradea Fortress, Medicine University, the palace of Greek-Chatolic bishopric, the "Ady" Museum and more. I was most impressed by the Oradea Fortress. This was intact and still functional. When we were there, there was a wedding. The fortress has a few places. We have documented and we learned that the Faculty of Visual Arts is currently functioning.
After we walked, we went to a park. It looks like Copou Park in Iasi. There was a wonderful atmosphere so We stopped and ate ice cream.
It was a great experience and I will definitely want to go to Oradea.

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