Last summer I went with my parents to Sighisoara located in Mures county. It took us a while to get there, but the trip didn't seem so long because my heart was full of excitement and happiness. I was excited to spend more time with my parents and their friends. As we were driving I was looking through the car's window, listening to the radio and singing with my parents. When we got there it felt like we were in another country. The landscape looked like it was stolen from a German picture. The buildings were attached to one another, painted in all sorts of different colors. The people were very warm and welcoming. We went to the clock tower built in the XVIth century in order to protect the city. It was very tall and it had the most beautiful clock which, sadly, doesn't work anymore. As I was looking at it I imagined its figurines coming out and moving every hour while a pleasant bell song was playing. Inside the tower there is a museum. I can say that it's the most interesting museum I have seen. It had very old things such as medical instruments, furniture and clothes. As I was admiring those I realised how much we've progressed. At the same time, I discovered that people used to put passion in their craftsmanship. Everything had many more details and it felt like they were putting their souls into their work.
After we left the clock tower we went to a store and I bought a diaryfor my sister. It was handmade and the image of the clock tower was sewn on the cover. Then we went for a walk to take photos. I took some really funny pictures that I laughed about for 3 days.
I didn't get the chance to visit many other attractions because we stayed there for only a day. I'm sure that someday I will go back to that wonderful city.

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