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A bad accident

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It was a summer day. The sun shone in the sky and THERE were over 30 ℃. At school it was a tedious day, especially since the school year is ALMOST over. Because the school was close to home, we walked home with a classmate.While we were talking to each other, a white car BUFFERED a car parked on the right. We heard the car accelerating behind us. After the CAR plates hit, the same white CAR, swinging from the shock, turned right and IT'S OVERTURNED. We both got into panic. It was as if I was living in video games ... A van stopped, being present at the crash, and CALL 112. We could not do anything. I went farther afraid.After the police arrived, it was announced that the driver was drunk. It was normal, as it  ENTERED into the fence.
It was an experience I can not easily forget ...

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Honestly, I would have panicked if I was there. Obviously, you are afraid that your life is in danger and your body panics, you can not control it, unless you have a strong character and a rational mind. I hope you do not meet this kind of situation again!



Thank you for your opinion! :)


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » A bad accident