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Should people be as fashionable as possible

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Being fashionable means being in accordance with current social standards that require a lot of time and dedication. I believe that people should not be as fashionable as possible for a number of reasons.
     Firstly, clothing should represent our personal style, like branding ourselves. Fashion imposes specific trends meaning that one has to revamp their wardrobe and make a lifestyle adjustment to maintain a sense of style. The way we dress up should not be the expression of the latest trends in fashion, but a part of our personality, our own clothing preferences and even our own sense of creativity.
     Secondly, through fashion, people create a certain image that could not match to their style. A fashionable lifestyle is not for everyone because it means keeping up with the latest trends, having a good sense of fashion. Also, since fashion is versatile, at any given moment, the variety of different types of style in season could make you feel unconfortable and may not match your personal taste.
     Admittedly, keeping up with fashion would make shopping easier since many stores carry the most popular style clothing that will sell. However, clothes should represent us and not the seanson trends. People have to choose thair own style, be fashionable in a way that speaks to them and have a minimalist or a vibrant style.
     In conclusion, while fashion might place someone in a certain social sphere, every single person must personalize their wardrobe according to their preferences. I have never been the fashionable type, but I always make sure that I feel good in my clothes and I express myself that way.

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Very interesting your point of view and I find myself in what you said. It's good to be fashionable,in trend with the new standards of society, but what's really important is to be yourself! Congratulations for originality!  :writing:


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Should people be as fashionable as possible