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Romanian doctors

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It is claimed that every 6 hours a Romanian doctor emigrates. Have you ever wondered why? In fact, when this question pops into your mind itís kind of frightening. Think about it for a moment. How would it be to get sick, and because of the lack of doctors, not be able to receive treatment in your country? Obviously, this is just a fictional example but it can be alarming for many people.
On one hand I think most Romanians want to leave their country for many reasons, especially money. Abroad you could earn more money than in Romania. Also, our country is known for having disgusting and dirty hospitals and for the lack of facilities which could save many peopleís lives. Other countries are equipped with new, modern machines that could be very appealing to a doctor who wants to progress professionally. In comparison with Romania, other countries hospitals are very clean and safe so that the risk of getting sick because of germs found on the floors or the walls is minimal.
On the other hand,our medical systemís future will not be so sad if doctors could, at least, try to help it and provide better care for their patients. Knowing that our Universities of Medicine are great and our students are appreciated for their knowledge, it is on them which we can rely. They need to have more compassion for their country because itís not as bad as it seems and with their help, everything could get better in time.
All things considered, the Romanian health care system has both advantages and disadvantages and in my opinion, things will get better if we try to help. But if we donít do anything the future of Romanian health care may not be so positive.



Many doctors leave Romania for to work in other countries, it is a sad thing, but really true.  Like you said, our hospitals are disgusting and the problem with money is very known.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » Romanian doctors