Living in the city or village can have advantages and disadvantages.
I lived  in the city for 12 years and now I live in the village nearby to the city and I can say that it's a major difference between the city and the nearbyside.
First of all  here ....... are not  exist sidewalk and I   noticed  that here ....... are not enough crosswalks  or traffic lights which can put in danger  local's  people life. And here ....... aren't enough stores and I have to cross a long distance to arrive to the store. Also the road are defaced and have big holes  and this can make ........ more difficult for local people to cross the city.
Also living in the village are advantages. There are less pollution  in comparation with the city and here are more fresh air which are good for health.
In conclusion, in my perspective ........ are more disadvantages and I can say that about living in a village, it's not for everyone .

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