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I've been learning in this high school for two years and I could say that  there are advantages and also disadvantages. 
On the one hand, I like being in this high school because some teachers are open-minded and caring people while in my secondary school there were more judgemental people.
Since I applied for this school I've been learning more things and I've been incouraged to be who I want to be.
On the other hand, there are disadvantages like: some teachers are not  that understanding and they think that their subject is more important than the others, which for me as a student at this school is more stressful.
In conclusion, even though there are bad things, there are also better aspects and I would never leave this high school because I got used to spending my days here.

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Same here. I find it stressful that some teachers do not want to understand that their subject does not matter for me or is not in the top of my priorities, but I have nothing to do. This is high school, with good and bad.



In every highschool there are teachers who consider that their subject is more important than others subjects! I don't understand why.



I agree with you!! There are a few teachers that I like and others not! I think that would have been awesome if you did a few more words about your opinion!


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