Dear diary,
Today I want to speak to you about the markets. From the beginning of the world, man needed a companion, someone to share his life and thoughts with. As we all know, man is a social being who constantly needs attention.
People are involted daily in all sorts of relationships. Some of them are functional, others are everlasting imply deep feelings and emotions.
I have a great relationship with my family and I get a long well with my classmates and neighbours. Still, a special relationship gives colour to my life. I refer...ed to a girl that I met during an Erasmus programme in Italy. She is called Martina and she is 14 years old. From the very first moment we have met, we interacted well, we also have the chance to visit several places in Aversa Town and we had the time of our lives toghether. She also told me more about her family and hobbies. I appreciated her sincerity, generosity and most of all, her ability to think out of the box.
I ever noticed that we share the same music, we both practice volley-ball and we have similar tastes when it comes to fashion. Something which struch me instantly is the fact that we resamble a lot pshically speaking: we both have big brown eyes, long straight hair and she is as tall as I am.
In spite of the fact that I stayed in Italy for six days, we developed a strong friendship based on trust, loyality and empathy.
After I returned home I can say that Marty is still my best friend and that we keep in touch on Facebook and that we send gifts from time to time to one another.

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