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Dear diary, guilt

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Two weeks ago, I was at a concert with my friends.This concert was out of town. The friends I went with are Olivia and Leo.We started at 14:00 and it was a 3-hour journey, the concert started at 18:00.
We stayed long after Olivia because she did not know what to wear.
          On the way to the concert we stopped at a store to get something to eat. That's where we found everything we wanted. We happened to meet some girls I couldn't bear. We have quarreled with them in the past, because of them me  and my friends have suspended for a week from school.
          After we looked at each other badly, Leo told me to get some money out of the car, I went to the car and then I saw the car of the other girls and I heard them talking about the same concert. I assumed they were going to the same place as we did. When I returned to my friends I told them I couldn't  bear to see them in the same place again. Then I got a great and bad idea. We bought a knife and broke the tires of their car.After we finished, we continued our journey.
          We arrived well at the concert place, there were 10 minutes before the music started. I got a call, I didn't know the number, I answered and I had a surprise, she was one of those girls. I don't  know where she got my number . She started screaming at me because she knew we were the ones who had destroyed the wheels. I told her it wasn't us.She asked me why we do that, I didn't  say anything to her. She said they wouldn't  be able to reach the concert anymore, and that they had waited a long time. I shut them down. We didn't go after them because we thought they didn't  deserve it. We stayed at the concert, I admit we couldn't  enjoy the music because we felt a little guilty. Maybe we didn't  have to act like them, we aren't  like that.

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I'm curious about the reason for your suspension from school. However, I do not seem mature in the way you acted, I mean I understand that you wanted to "avenge", but breaking car wheels is not the right solution. I hope you will end with peace this conflict.



Even though it was a little imature of you, it made for a great story  :D  I think I would be to afraid to ever do such a thing, but there are just people that are awful enough to deserve it; so if they did, you shuld not feel guilty (except if there was a surveillance camera around)



When people are stupid,just let them be stupid! Donít reach to their level,just be the smart one. Everything happens with a reason so if they were mean they will get something worst in the future.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Dear diary, guilt