I found out about  Vama Veche at the beginning of September, a very very special place, unlike other resorts on the Romanian seaside. It was something else, the beach was cleaner, nobody was eating seeds, the music was good, not too loud, it sounded pleasant with bearable decibels, nobody was talking with loud voice, and I can say honestly that I had a revelation - I was discovering Heaven - and I kept asking myself why did I wait so long?
This is a place where even the sea is more golden and cleaner, without garbage, everything is like an idyllic image, detached from a movie.
I strongly believe that Vama Veche is still a special place, untouched by bad taste and stupidity, it is a place we should cherish as much as we can, exactly in the way it is right now.
For me, this is the only place on the Romanian seaside in which I go with so much pleasure and miss.

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