In the heart of Iasi stands one of the largest shopping complexes in Romania, Palas.
This mall comes on with many stores of all sorts and also with places in which you can spend time with your friends and as places where you can eat or drink a coffee. Plus, this complex contains such a beautiful garden that brings you joy and peace if you appreciate it.
This place is a well known shopping center due the number of brands you might find, you can buy anything at prices for all pockets and it is also a place you may have fun in. It is not far from the Palace of Culture, actually it is right next to it, built in the backyard, on the green downhills that surrounded the Palace. Lush gardens were created around diverse shaped fountains and stone paved. Coffee shops and terraces are aligned on the sides, covering the inner perimeter of the park. There is a huge parking garage underneath if you want to go visit the old city center.

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