CNME Iasi is one of the most prestigious highschool in Iasi. I have been a student here for two years and during my time here I have discovered both its advantages and disadvantages.
On the one hand, I would start with advantages, therefore the first thing that needs to be mentioned is the dedication of our teachers . Their goal is to determine us to retain as much information as possible, which comes as an asset to their vast knoledge . Also, some of them try not to focus only of school and encourage us to do things that are useful in our day to day life. Another advantage, would be the strict exams required to be admited to this highschool. Due to our more rigurous rules, not all students manage to get enrolled, which automatically means that we are a very balanced group.
Also, we have extremely well equipped labs such as the biology lab where we have various exhibits of animals and plants or the physics lab which is equipped with yet unknown technology.
On the other hand, the drawbacks this highschool has exist in a very small number. Sometimes we face situations live teachers  favoring some students or school guards not doing their job, but the biggest disadvantages of this school has to do with tue fact that none of our bathrooms have toilet paper or soap.
In conclusion, being a student in CNME has a lot more advantages than it appears and I love it here.

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