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doctors emigrating

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Lately, emigrating as a romanian doctor has started to become more and more common and when it comes to analizing this decision of theirs we are prone to find a large number of both advantages and disadvantages.
To begin with, the first matter that comes to mind when emigrating definetely has to do with money. Medicine, as a profession ,has always been on the top part of any most challenging job list and due to its increased difficulty most countries choose to aknloedge that by rewarding doctors with higher paychecks. Unfortunatelly , Romania has yet to comply with this unwritten rule , therfore most medicine students choose to leave abroad in order to finish their residencies and get a well-paid job afterwords. Eventhough most people would judge their decision , I choose to believe that just like most people , they too have families to take care of.
Another reason why most doctors complain about is our lack of technology and progress. Over the years ,new methods of treatment have been developped , methods that can either implicate advanced technology or less invasive techniques and formulas. Unfortunately , most doctors in our country refuse to aknoledge that and continue treating patients with old and outdated drugs which in some cases do more bad than good. When working abroad not only that these new drugs or entire treatments are an option , but doctors have the duty to perform or prescibe them.
Secondly , when it comes to the disadvantages brought upon these emigrants , the biggest one would have to do with family. Leaving your home, friends and family behind is nowhere near easy. Even if it may seem rather ordinary from the outside judging by their possibility to access their loved ones by social media , yet the shock of being alone in a foreign country can not be alleviated on facetime.
Also in terms of work policy , most emigrant doctors admit to have a less congested schedule and still suffer from anxiety and overstress due to their job's strict rules and protocols.
To conclude , I believe that emigrating as a doctor has a lot more advantages than disadvantages but I also admit that their choice is based on personal too , reasons which we are not entitled to discuss.



It is true that is a pretty big difference between Romanian and European Healthcare service, but I think that Romanian doctors are paid pretty well, counting the country and the life cost. Not the least, Romania is one of the last places in Europe where doctors take bribes, that makes at least another salary per month.



I agree with you, nowadays doctors are attracted by the big salaries and higher standards of living. Unfortunately people aren't affective anymore; doctors are more practical and they want to work abroad.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » doctors emigrating