Last summer I had a lot of fun because I visited many places in Romania. 
                I went with my parents in Tulcea, a city that impressed me. We noticed a very old diesel engine going on steam before, it was full of beauty. I visited the aquarium in Tulcea and I really liked that style. I saw a lot of fishes, which I had never seen before like a shark, it was nice, but I donít think that mother was so nice. I had also noticed a small octopus and a sepia.
              On that summer I went to Constanta, Mamaia and Navodari. Navodari was the city which I liked the most because the beach was free and there was less noise. Thatís the place where I increased my collection, because this time I found more colorful and spiral shells. In Constanta I stayed at a hotel with swimming pools, ....... where the trainer was a friendly man, who learn me how to swim. I visited Aqua Park, one of the biggest water parks in Romania. Also, in Constanta I went to the art galleries, where I saw the pictures of great painters.
             That summer was full of fun and new things. I was very excited for the next summer to see where we go.

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