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Romanian doctors emmigrating

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In Romania, the medical branch have a series of serious problems: from the absence of proper conditions and equipment to the severe lack of medical staff, especially doctors. That happens in the most of the public hospitals and all can be explained through the fact that this part of our society is poorly funded. The low paid jobs makes the doctors to emigrate in others countries or, in the better case, to work into a private clinic.
In the first place, we arenít the only country in the world that needs doctors. Itís a good thing that they leave to help another people (because thatís their job). The main advantage of this, it is that they can grow their knowledge in the medical domain and also improve their skills.
Although, the rate of emigrating doctors is alarming. The major problem is that almost all of the student that finish medical school, especially the good ones, go in other countries and then just a few of them came back. And, if they do that, they do it after many years.
All things considered, it can be said that emigration of the romanian doctors isnít necessarly a bad thing, but a tragic one for our country, for our future Ė in the conditions of the massive medical staff exodus.



You mentioned a really good point: the absence of proper condition! We must find a solution because people in Romania can die if we don't have doctors! Maybe, you could have written more about money.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » Romanian doctors emmigrating