Review of Palas Mall
       '’Palas Mall’’ is located in the center of the city Iasi next to the beautiful 'Palace of Culture' .The whole complex is composed of a big supermarket, 'Auchan', a four star hotel, 'Hotel International',and some business centers, with lots of spaces for different companies.
       As the biggest commercial zone when it comes to shopping, 'Palas Mall' has one of the largest variety..... of products in Iasi, ranging from clothes to cosmetics, books, food, and even electronics, you can find almost everything.
       But ..... .... not only the shops ....... make the place great for spending some free time. The complex has a beautiful large green space with fountains, waterfalls and lots of trees, where you can sit on a bench or even on the grass, perfect for relaxation or spending time with friends or family.
        Also, Palas hosts lots of events as concerts, fashion shows and more.
        In my opinion Palas is a great place, pretty crowded to be honest but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying what this place has to offer. Iasi would be a lot more boring if not for it. So why not take your time and enjoy yourself in this amazing complex.

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