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Living in a city near Iasi

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Iasi is one of the biggest cities in Romania. Personally, I don’t live near Iasi, but I imagine that this implies good things and also a few unpleasant facts, though it is a small city or just a village.
In the first place, living in a city near Iasi comes at package with a life in a house (in the majority of cases). The main advantage is that you could live more ecologically: you can obtain the food in your very own yard and you are protected from all kinds of pollution that were found in cities (air, phonic, light pollution).
A further advantage is that you can minimize your costs and also be environmentally friendly  by using technologies like heat-pumps, solar panels, wind turbines and so on. As a passionate of astronomy, I can further say that another advantage of living near Iasi is the sky – that it is so clear so you can observe the stars with the naked eye (and for a telescope it is excellent).
On the other hand, this way of living could be too challenging. Different from life within the walls of a city, the more care about your house is one of your biggest concernement . Also, now you are more exposed to natural phenomena like floods, storms and landfalls (depends on the area where you live).  Another negative is the fact that you are far from the major stores and also from your job – and that means a lot of car-travelling and a higher cost with the oil needed for your car.
All things considered, it can be said that living in a city near Iasi is a challenge and the good parts are somehow in balance with the bad ones.

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I like your composition, even if, in my opinion, in some parts you were wrong.  Actually near Iasi there is always pretty much light so you can not observe stars properly. (Of course is better than in the city but not as good as somewhere in the forest for example).


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Living in a city near Iasi