I do not remember exactly when I first went to Palas Mall, but I remember that I was about 11 years old and so I was in the fifth grade. Given the fact that in primary classes I had to wear the uniform everyday, I do not care much about the rest of my clothes. Anyway, my mother told me every time what clothes to wear when I went to my grandparents or I went out to play. But in the fifth grade I started to be the one who chose the outfit for each day.
At the same time, I do not know why, but the world (and ..... the world I mean to my colleagues) was curious where each of us are buying our clothes. Apparently, if you had the ZARA label, you were officially the most slumbering and "classy" of the class. It seemed to me and still it seems stupid to be categorized just by the price of the clothes you wear. I think that if your clothes fits well, look and smell good, it is enough, it should not have been expensive to grow in my eyes.
If at that time Palas seemed to me a bit awesome , now it seems to me pretty boring and a place where everyone goes. ....... See the same clothes in half of the city and that's really frustrating, you ....... better order online original clothes that you know you will not see every 5 meters from the street.
 Honestly, I prefer to go to Iulius Mall, at least they have ....... cinema and Koton. Palas Mall has just LC Wikiki and NewYorker in plus, but the chain stores are the same. It is good that it is positioned in the center of the city in such a way that you can reach ........ by any means of transport and also I think it is the most visited place by foreigners in Iasi.

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