From a few yers, people .... continue... to move to villages, preferring quiet areas with fresh air, near a forest and a garden where you can cultivate healthy vegetables.
I lived in both the block and the house, but of course at that time I did not see the advantages and the disadvantages. Then I missed my house, the animals ... now I would like to be close to the bus station. I go with car in the morning and the agglomeration exists only if you leave too late from home, like after 7:30.
Wherever you live, you have business with some neighbors. At the block, you have to be careful not to make big noises in order not to disturb them, but at the house if you open a little window you hear what I say from the other yard and it's a bit annoying, not to say that, if your neighbors are retired without money, they are always arguing and suing.
...... Is a bit frustrating ...... friends in the city do not come too often to you because you "stay away" and "do not let ........ their parents".
If you stay in the block the neighbor above can have a flood in the house and that affects you too.
It doesn't matter where you live, it's important to you to fell good in you... home.

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