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In my first year here I was very very scared in this school and all I wanted was to go back to my old school. I was in a new world, with no familiar face, alone among the unknown. Every day was a day with complaints, dissatisfactions, dramas my mother had to endure. I wake up in CNME on my own, I had to do it, I got to know the reality as it would be say.
Almost every theacher was believed to be the center of the universe and believed his matter to be the most important. I said a milion times: "I am at CNME, not on a sport/art/religious/filosofic etc school/profil", but my mother didn't want to transfer me back or in .....other school.
So, after a long long time, I started to accept this high school, although I still have reservations about the people in it. It's a very good school where you have learn a lot, but that's what we should do more, plus follows college where the amount of study will be much larger. Now, after almost 2 years there, this school is change... me, this is the perfect place to become more mature (...... is a lot of drama and small children and techniques to get out of school and places which must be avoided, confronted, learned).
I don't know about others, but if I can choose again my high school, although ...... is a very good place to learn, I'm not sure I can support to be here again because of the atmosphere. (Don't judce me, not everybody live... in a pink world at CNME). But I think I'm ok and I did a good choise, but I will tell more at the end of my at the end of my student life.

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I appreciate that you are honest and you say what you think about this high-school. And like you, I don't like very much this high-school, many times I stare and wonder why I came here but I think that we should accept some things just like they are. Good luck



Though, I came willingly to CNME and I live in a so called "pink world" (and that because I'm lucky), I'm agree with you that are things that aren't right in this school. I admire your courage to say all this things. I hope to enjoy the remaining years that you will spend in CNME.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » CNME habitat