We all know that in our country the emigration of doctors is a much debated topic because we are people and we thinking different...... .
Firts of all, there are that "patriot..." people which think just because you grew,study,live in Romania you you should give something back to the country. Once you have spent so long time here, it is very difficult for you to make a decision on moving abroad, but in most cases you have known somewhere where you would like to have a job.
But on the other hand, there are people who believe that the medical system is in a dangerous falling. This is right up to a point, I think if the good doctors would stay... in the country they would not have this problem. But no, they choose to leave for much better salaries and conditions. The other countries steal our doctors, and we do nothing about it, rather than judging them, because we are in Romania, and of course "the country is to blame", not the people and the atmosphere in it.
Not to say that it is quite difficult to launch in the country, in ....other unknown place you would be making a lot of nerves in trying to accommodate. It's not easy to take this step, and even if you think you're making the right choice for you and your family, you have to think well whether it's worth it or not. Ok, let's say you have a friend or something which can help and support you, but isn't ....... much better to start between familiary faces?
So, ....... we stay here or leave? When we put that problem, we thinking at us[noi insine, the popor, not to each doctor separately. We don't want they to leave but when ..... is our turn, would we do the same as ......... advise others?

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