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Going to Mangalia (romanian holiday destination)

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Probably, one of the most frequent holiday destination is the coast, but that only in summer. Every year the beaches and seaside resorts are filled with tourists. In Romania, one such place is Mangalia.
Even if it is a city (the former ancient greek colony of Callatis), the tourists are very present due to its own beach and hotels, but also due to the nearby Saturn beach. I was there with my family two summers ago. A nice experience, especially that of staying at a house. Now, there are many people who house tourists in an apartment or even in their own homes. It is quite a unique thing for those who are used to staying in a hotel.
Like every holiday made at the seashore , we had a kind of predictable schedule: in the morning – beach, then back to the house and then again, maybe, back to the beach or a walk through the city. You don’t have too much to visit. So we admired the town itself. It resembles in a way with Iasi – I felt like I was at home.
However, the traffic is a very real pain in the neck – and that is not like in Iasi. At every hour you will see an endless column of cars, especially on weekends. And if you think that you’ll not find what you want and the prices from local stores will be exaggerated – Lidl and Kaufland are nearby and the prices almost like in Iasi.
An important thing when you decide to stay at a house is to precautions, because your whole holiday could ruin. With us ..... wasn’t the case. Little problems existed, but we could live with them. Overall it was good and I will do it again any time

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I have the same "routine" with you when I go to the seaside :)) In the morning we go to eat and then we go to the beach. At 13 PM we go to eat at the hotel, then we sleep 2 hours and then we go back to the beach.



I used to go to Mangalia with my parents every year too.  Sometimes going to the beach is really tiring.  Having to wake up in the morning to go to the beach and then swimming a few hours makes me very tired. The over population on beaches can be annoying too but going to the Black Sea is a great experience and I'd go every summer to listen to  the waves but I don't really like going with my parents anymore.  I hope you had fun going to Mangalia!



I've been going to Mangalia since I was around 1 years old and everytime I go back there I am feeling like I never left home. It truly is a beautiful city and also a great resort. Maybe I am a little bit too subjective now because Mangalia is like my second home, but I tend to believe that anyone would love to spend their holiday there because it is a very relaxing and joyful place, especially if you stay at a house, just like you did.



Nice composition. I really like your story. It's very good. Keep going, you still have 3 more and at least 10 comments of at least 40 words each. Anyways, good job!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » Going to Mangalia (romanian holiday destination)