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Bring back the troops

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Dear Editor,
I’m writing in connection to the article “How to save Afghanistan” by Rory Stewart in the July 2016 issue of “Time” magazine. I think that it’s a great article which expresses the real situation in Afghanistan, but I also have a few suggestions.
First of all, I agree that THE terrorism and insurgency are the main problems in Afghanistan, but bringing more troops isn’t enough. Indeed, more coalition troops would help the Afghan National Army to lower the insurgents’ attacks, but a true victory can only be achieved by taking the fight to their training facilities outside the borders, in Pakistan, from where they are being controlled. In consequence, the terrorists would remain powerless, disorganized and forced to stop their activities.
Secondly, in order to win the fight against insurgents, the troops must also gain the hearts and trust of the local Afghan population. For example, very often the terrorists are hidden amongst the Afghan villagers, who, being threatened, are afraid of informing the authorities. Gaining their trust and cooperation, would help in many different ways, like preventing upcoming attacks and discovering IEDs' locations before they explode.
ALSO, I think that in order for the troops to retreat like the author of the article suggested, Afghanistan must become a self-sustained country. Reducing the coalition troops number right now, would ruin all the progress that has been DONE so far and the insurgents would come back to power. The Afghan Government should be helped to create a stable economy with enough workplaces and facilities for everybody. However, all of this would be in vain without a very powerful security system IN which people would trust.
I certainly hope that more articles like this will be written and that you will take these ideas into consideration.
Yours faithfully,



I liked to read your composition and I am according to your opinion. Allied troops should gain the Afghan's trust and help. The main goal for Coalition should become training camps because even if they  succeed to lower the number of insurgents, more and more  will come from camps. I would strongly suggest, as you, keeping allied troops in Afghanistan sine it will become a better country, with workplaces for everybody, not a country where starving is as usual as the wind.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Life lessons » Bring back the troops