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About pride

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I don’t know much about pride… just kidding. Of course I know. Pride is a feeling like many others just as stupid and misleading. I think that the first time I discovered what  pride IS was when I was in kindergarten. I remembered that I was showing off my skills in drawing class and a classmate came to me to ask how I can draw such beautiful butterflies and I said that it’s very easy. And then I felt this feeling. It felt good. It felt like I was a grown up. Time passed by and I felt pride many times. Pride was my source of motivation when I was younger and because of it I accomplished  most of my goals. I thought that this  WAS the only way of doing things until I realized it wasn’t.
   Two years ago I got into a fight with my parents, it was the biggest fight that I had with them at that time. Our fight started because I wasn’t doing as great as I used to do in school and because I wasn’t paying attention TO  things. After that fight I started to think about my PAST. I never used to have this problem, I was quite the perfect kid and they knew that. I remained with my question not answered. Some time passed and I found myself talking with my friends. All of them complained about the math homework for being too hard and too long and for not having time to watch the newest episode of The Vampire Diaries. I was the only one who saw it. I was glad and I bragged about seeing it, but my friends wore unimpressed and replied with: “How about the math homework?” The pride inside me was hurt. Why wasn’t anybody impressed? What I did was cool and rebellious I said to myself. The remaining day at school I was upset and when I was getting ready to sleep I thought’’ Wow I really became this person’’. Turns out that I was doing what I was doing because I thought that it made me look better.
  Pride is dangerous. It can destroy you if you are not careful.

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you shouldn't care what others think, but you would not want to look at the tvd just to do what others can't because they haven't time for this, and that schools homework are more important as a serial you can warch anytime.



Everybody starts having problems at one point:with school, with parents, with friends. I think that You should be honest to you for a couple of minutes and fix your priorities. You want to be a cool guy/girl with a lot of friends or social life? You wanna be the geek one who stay always and study hard? You want to have a good job, a beautiful family or just a gang? Your life is made of your own choises.



You do not have to do things just to grow in the eyes of others, do those things because that's what you want and that's what you like. Some choose to watch serials, others to do homeworks, nothing complicated.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » About pride