In my opinion, Palas Mall is the best thing that could exist. It gives us the opportunity to be known by  other countries . If you ask some people who donít live in our city youíll discover that the first thing that theyíll say is ďPalas MallĒ, I donít know if this is a bad thing or not but, definitely, it helps us. Moreover, you can find anything you want in this place: food, books, sportswear, cute clothes, designer clothes, a lot of shoes, make-up and jewelers if you want to eat something good and low-priced you can eat it at the food court and you can see the beautiful view of the garden and the ďPalace of cultureĒ. Most of the concerts are organized in front of palace so people can listen to music and  the same time you can sit down on the grass, maybe this isnít the most incredible things but for me it is, itís amazing to see children happy and how they are playing their game itís relaxing. The coffe shops are perfect for students for doing homework or projects. Palas is most of the time full, here there  are lot of people who shop, talk, laugh, eat ice cream, drink lemonade even if itís raining, snowing or itís hot,people like spending money on stupid stuff.
In conclusion, Palas Mall is important for Iasi and for people who live here.

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