The last place I visited is "Dino Parc Râşnov". I know it does not sound very good but trust me this park is the best. You can see fifty seven dinosaurs, and you can learn something new about everyone. In this park you can play in a beautiful playground with those little dino-swings, or you can paint some dino eggs, you can take a lot of pictures. If you love extreme sensation, you must go to Aventura Park, which is in the same place, or maybe you want to be a secret agent then you have to go to the laser labyrinth. And if you have kids you will stay a few hours in the dino shop, trust me I am 16 years old and I stayed an hour there. In the dino shop you will find some cute toys, t-shirts, mugs, backpacks, pens and many other stupid things but they are so cute and you can not resist them .
Anyway, this place will help you turn into a kid (I saw women and men who were happier than their children) and also will help you better understand what happened with  old animals and why they disappeared.
And for more history you can visit the fortress which is a few minutes away. There you'll see the life of geto-dacians and if you will not like both options Râşnov is not for you.

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