I would personally like living in a village nearby Iasi because I usually get annoyed by all the noise made by cars, buses and so on, by my neighbors, and also by some of the people in my neighborhood.
      Yes, living in the city it's easier because you are closer to the big markets, malls, schools and basically everywhere where you can spend your time, but once you get bored of all these places, you don't have what to do, you can't change it up.
    And that is one of the perks of living in a village, in a house to be specific not a flat in the suburbs because you can find some of those now.
     Living in a village can be fun, you have your own garden where you can do anything that comes in your head, a pool, a mini-football field, a basketball hoop, and it's only for your use, not for everyone. You can never get bored while living in a house because there is always something to do, from cleaning to improving something you donít like.
      Also you have  few neighbors who are less likely to disturb you, less to no noise, and you have lots of fresh air, unlike the city's air. And if you want to eat something fresh, you can grow your own fruits and vegetables, without the need to go to markets to purchase less natural products.
      All things considered I would like to live in a village nearby Iasi.

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