Pallas Mall is one of the biggest shopping centres in Romania, being one of a kind. It is revolutionizing in its concept and design, of not only being a mall, but also a recreational space for everyone.
                       Pallas Mall is located in the heart of Iasi, one of the most important cities in Romania. It is constituted of more than 270 shops, restaurants and cafes, including the biggest food court in the region and the hypermarket Auchan. It is both a shopping centre and a way to relax, containing lots of green spaces, where you can sit on the grass and talk with your Friends, attracting mainly the young population, but not only, as Pallas also offers a diversity of activities for the kids,too, including a playground, a carousel and a trampoline. I think it is a good thing that it gathers all different types of public, not just the youngsters, but also the families, making it a good spot for children to play, especially outside on the grass.   
                       Pallas Mall is not an attraction only for the public, but also for the investors, housing a large number of companies. The business part is located in the six United Business Centre buildings, which includes names such as Amazon, Raiffeisen Bank, Omniasig and many more. It is a dream for every I.T. graduate to work and for every entreprenour to start a business at Pallas Mall, due to excellent working conditions, location and professionalism. And this not only good for the entreprenours, but also, for the development of the city, as attracting more firms, means  a rapid growth of Iasi, on all aspects, including infrastructure, services, tourism, entertainment and many more.
                       All in all, Pallas Mall is one of the biggest commercial ensembles in Romania, pleasing lots of people with its diversity,  including shops, cafes, restaurants, a food court, entertainment areas ,suitable for every age and pocket.
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