Everyone has had this question in their mind, at least once in a lifetime: which is better? Living in the city or in the village? While having an apartment in the middle of the town makes things much easier when it comes to facilities, living in the village can be both a blessing and a curse.
                                     First of all, being away from the city centre gives you the opportunity of being closer to nature. Having a house near by the city lets you the inhabitant experience the perks of having a lot more space and being surrounded by plants, which is proven to improve happiness and decrease stress levels.
                                     Secondly, living somewhere in a village translates to less pollution in the area. Having few cars around and no factories or airports, railway stations, buses or trams and the list can go on means that there is cleaner, fresher air, purer water and little to no noise.
                                     However, the hard part is when it comes to time management. Getting to school or going shopping takes more time than expected due to the distance and the traffic jams in the city and that can be nerve-wrecking if you’ve someone has got multiple appointments at different times and locations in a day, but that shouldn’t stop someone them from enjoying all the other advantages to living outside the city.
                                     In a nutshell, I think that living in a village outside the city is a good idea, because of all the nature surrounding and the silence and the advantages to this outnumber the disadvantages regarding transportation and distance.
[i]nu e permis sa folosesti forme scurte si nici persoana I sau a II-a (you've got) in scriere formala

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