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Review of Palas Mall

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I walked around the place where Palas is today for many times. I remember that then all was dust and building materials. A fence was encircling the site. I wondered whatís build there and how it will be like. Now I have the answer.
Palas Mall is a great place and he is important for our city and for us. That is ..... all the people say about ....... and it is true (not entirely true, but in a major percentage). I will not be .... hypocrite and tell that this mall is a bad thing. I go to Palas, I buy from there and I feel good. I had took a walk one day in the morning (around 9AM) through Palas and I had not recognized the place. It was so quiet and nice. It is also nice when .... are many people  and ........ is a lot of noise.
The shops are very diverse and you can have part of many opportunities. The park outside Palas is also ... very nice place. Personally, I like the underground car park. It is mazy, but ..... is interesting, especially when you get to the minus five floor and .... is a lack of air. Instead I donít like the floor with the fast-foods, where ...... air is filled of a diversity of smells  (not good ones).
I donít get obsessed with Palas, but I like it very much and indeed it is a great place.

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I love the fact that you like the underground parking lot, not the mall, not the park, but the parking lot and that's fascinating. Palas Mall is the one thing that keeps our city alive. It brings sound and joy to our city.



I like your re essay very much and I m completely approving what you said there. But in my opinion, Pallas is more beautiful when are not many people there, and that is a fact.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Review of Palas Mall